Who We Are

Endurance runners: Robus equipments are extremely valued because it lasts, is functionally well planned and classy. Today, Robus is one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of laboratory equipments worldwide.

Experienced and Innovative

We have been attaching the greatest importance to new developments and consistently ensuring the highest quality.
Our clients’ wishes, as well as technological progress, are our inspiration to continually perfect our products and expand our product line.
Thus, the creation of new solutions is ongoing and systematic.

Focused and Committed
Approximately 80 employees, 6 trainees and 12 field-sales workers are currently working on satisfying our clients’ needs. Their satisfaction is our measure of success.
Our customer support guarantees 24-hour service in UK. Subsidiaries handle our products in many European countries, in the United States and in the Asia-Pacific region. We are present worldwide via authorised representatives. As always, our research, development and production are located in London.

Open and Individual
Our comprehensive accessories also contribute to our customer-friendliness. They especially make our labortary equipments very adaptable and their operation economical. And not only that: we are always open for new wishes and develop customised solutions. Highly specialised in construction and production, we respond both quickly and individually.

At Robus, every day is the beginning of a new future!